Kevin installKevin install

Brockton Students' Images to be Displayed Downtown

Erin Shannon, The Enterprise, 11.1.2012


The Twelve Faces of Brockton

Mathilde Boussion, 6MOIS (in French) 10.11.2012


Clashing Realities in a City of Champions

Zara Katz, The New York Times: Lens, 5.10.2012


Mary Beth Meehan

Aline Smithson, Lenscratch, 5.7.2012


"City of Champions" on Boston's NPR

WBUR's Meghna Chakrabarti interviews Mary Beth at the Installation, 12.23.11

Video by Lauren FrohneVideo by Lauren Frohne 

brockton photo exhibit aims to start dialogue

Video by Lauren Frohne, The Boston Globe, 10.13.11

Photo by Pleun BouriciusPhoto by Pleun Bouricius 

what's in a photograph?

Pleun Bouricius, The Public Humanist / The Valley Advocate, 10.7.11

Photo by Lauren FrohnePhoto by Lauren Frohne 

capturing the faces of brockton

Martine Powers, The Boston Globe, 10.2.11

Video by Brockton Community AccessVideo by Brockton Community Access 

brockton photography beautifies downtown

Video by Noube Rateau, Brockton Community Access, 9.24.11

Photo by Marc VasconcellosPhoto by Marc Vasconcellos 

"Walkable" Downtown Gallery Kicks off

Maria Papadopoulos, The Enterprise, 9.23.11

Video by Marc VasconcellosVideo by Marc Vasconcellos

A Banner-Raising day in Brockton

Video by Marc Vasconcellos, The Enterprise, 9.22.11

Photo by Emily J. ReynoldsPhoto by Emily J. Reynolds

"portrait of brockton" puts a new face on the city

Photo Gallery by Emily J. Reynolds, The Enterprise, 9.21.11

The Valley AdvocateThe Valley Advocate

holding my breath

Mary Beth Meehan, The Public Humanist / The Valley Advocate, 9.19.11